VULA … the Mother Brand A Nguni word meaning ‘open’. It is more than just a company name, for VULA it is a philosophy.

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Vula Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd., is a 51% majority shareholder. Telsaf Data has extensive experience in the design, installation and commissioning of turnkey wired and wireless communications systems.

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Mission Statement

‘Always on. Always connected “

We provide reliable, alternative energy to uplift local communities and quality of living through affordable access to electricity.

We offer an integrated communication solution to ensure continuous connectivity locally and beyond borders; as well as the capability to monitor the movement and location of your valuables thereby providing security and peace of mind, by means of connection to our network.

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Vula Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd. is a majority shareholder of Vula Green Energy (Pty) Ltd. with 51% stake in the Business. 

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