Vula Energy (Pty) Ltd.

Vula Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd. Holds a majority share in Vula Energy (Pty) Ltd. Founded in 2004, Vula Energy (Pty) Ltd was Vula Investments’ first venture in the energy sector. Vula Energy (Pty) Ltd conducts business in the field of Utility Services, specifically concentrating on the Accounting of Electricity and Water for multi-tenanted buildings. It offers Businesses and Government services which maximize the potential of their energy and utility resources.

Vula Green Energy (Pty) Ltd.

Vula Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd. is a majority shareholder of Vula Green Energy (Pty) Ltd. with 51% stake in the Business. Inspired by the Vula Energy Pty) Ltd legacy, Vula ventured into Green Energy as the industry was evolving globally into green, environmentally friendly and safe energy solutions. Vula Green Energy (Pty) Ltd. offers energy solutions in Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency Management, Utility Management and Energy Infrastructure. The company spreads nationally as well as throughout the SADAC region, through its partners.

Vula Green Energy Incubator (Pty) Ltd. is an initiative born from Vula Green Energy (Pty) Ltd, which is aimed at the development and empowerment of previously disadvantaged SMME’s within the Renewable Energy sector.  The Incubator Support Programme objective is to develop incubators and create successful enterprises- thereby ensuring the upliftment of local communities and the strengthening of local and national economies.

Vula Communications – Telsaf Data (Pty) Ltd.

Telsaf Data (Pty) Ltd. is a System Integrator Company, which provides comprehensive Information and Communications Technology solutions by integrating multi-vendor devices over most communications media. Vula Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd., acquired 25% of the issued share capital of Telsaf Data in 2001, and in 2002 it increased its shareholding to 51% as majority shareholder.

Telsaf Data has extensive experience in the design, installation and commissioning of turnkey wired and wireless communications systems, including IP, ATM and Frame Relay.

Telsaf Data Repairs (Pty) Ltd. is a local Electronic and Telecommunications equipment repair company which was founded in 2009 as part of Telsaf Data (Pty) Ltd. Telsaf Data Repairs offers repairs of Cisco and Electronic equipment for Telecommunications, Government, Energy, Oil / Gas, Utility, Rail, Mining and Global Enterprises in South Africa and Africa.

The company offers a wide range of repairs to component level and after sales services that ensure customers obtain the maximum benefits from re-deploying their repaired equipment. We save you up to 60% as opposed to traditional repair programs. We offer inventory management and a four month warranty on replaced components. We have a 14 – 28 days repair turnaround time, as well as a no fault found policy that is a fraction of the repair price.